Date Syrup


Date syrup or date juice concentrate is obtained by a diffusion process, a 100% natural and environmentally friendly method. The juice obtained is then concentrated and strongly filtered to obtain brown syrup retaining the virtues of the Deglet Noor date.

Date syrup is made from fresh dates, cooked in water then filtered to remove the pits. The dates are then pressed to extract a juice. This juice is then concentrated by cooking over low heat until it yields colored liquid and spirits. This is the famous date syrup.

Moreover, with its notes of caramel and its richness in minerals, date syrup appeals to fans of both healthy and gourmet cuisine. Date syrup contains many benefits for whoever consumes it. For example; minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, copper, as well as vitamins A, B1, B2 and C are ideal for the body.

Compared to white sugar which is rich in sucrose, date syrup contains less. Therefore, date syrup is a good alternative for cooking. Date syrup is ideal for garnishing desserts because it provides softness, color and flavor. Date syrup can be used as an accompaniment to pancakes, waffles, and drinks such as coffee and milk. On the savory side, date syrup perfectly enhances salmon marinades, and delicately scents salad dressings with nuts.

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