The Laboratory


The company has established an internal analysis laboratory, Boudjebel LAB, which is a national first among Tunisian agri-food companies. The laboratory is accredited according to the international standards ISO 17025 to guarantee reliable results in an optimal time.

The Boudjebel LAB is organized in 2 laboratories :

    • A first physico-chemical analysis laboratory: this laboratoryis responsible for controlling the physicochemical quality ofthe dates (from the raw materials stage to the expedition stage).
    • A second laboratory for microbiological analyzes : This laboratory examines the microbiological quality of dates and the environment (labor, surface, workshop atmosphere, etc.).

The laboratory analysis plan covers dates, ingredients, and the environment. With regard to dates, microbiological, physicochemical and viral analyzes are carried out. Then, the laboratory carries out for the ingredients, microbiological and physicochemical analyzes of the glucose solution. Finally, the environment is analyzed through several tests, among which are the microbiological analysis of air, physicochemical and microbiological analysis of water and microbiological surface analysis.