Crystal Sugar


On the market exist many sugar free sweeteners that are proven to be unhealthy for the body in the long term. However, crystalized date sugar is proven to be a healthy sweetener that does not contribute to preexisting health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure while simultaneously giving you the flavor and taste you are craving.

Palm dates are famous as a fruit known to be eaten as such ; but introducing ingredients such as crystalized sugar provides the variety to incorporate the benefits within different recipes and mixtures with drinks and dairy products.

Our Crystal sugar is composed of 100% dehydrated dates, finely crushed into a granular powder so all the nutritional benefits of the date are preserved; such as natural fibers, tannins, flavonoids, vitamins and minerals.

Crystal sugar derived from dates is untreated and unrefined In appearance and taste. Crystal date sugar resembles white sugar but is rounder ; and sweeter with a very subtle hint of caramel that will delight your palates. Known to be used in drinks and baked goods, it is a well recommended replacement. Similar to conventional sugar concerning the texture, crystal sugar derived from dates provides new aromas to your creams and pastries while respecting the natural composition.

Date sugar has a fairly low glycemic index compared to other sugars. Crystallized date sugar gives you the “good” sugar without the harm.

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