Alone we go faster, Together we go further


Boudjebel plans to achieve its business objectives thanks to teams that are certainly efficient but above all motivated and fulfilled.

Indeed, managers want to give everyone a voice. The resolutions are collegial, the management style participatory. This is likely to further involve employees and reduce their frustrations with the decision-making process.

More than a simple employer, Boudjebel aspires to create a healthy and balanced environment for its recruits. Through various methods belonging to HR marketing, and other managerial processes, we root the corporate culture within teams and spread a sense of belonging in their minds.

Boudjebel, a responsible and attentive citizen employer. An ergonomic work environment, where our employees like to be, evolve and grow …

A better future is possible thanks to an optimal management of our human resources; flexibility of tasks and schedules, equity between men and women, transparency of results, impartial evaluation of employees and finally fruitful two-way communication.

At Boudjebel, the management of human capital is iterative, transversal and not dogmatic. We develop the capacities of each one in particular thanks to the trainings and various internships and integrations. We praise soft skills and the ability to adapt in volatile hypercompetitive environments.

We advocate for a stable workplace with an inclusive atmosphere and continue to go above and beyond to provide the opportunity for our employees to thrive together.

Despite the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Boudjebel faced financial pitfalls and maintained his full workforce. Furthermore, we continued our strategic momentum and brought in new recruits in various departments of the company. Always concerned about our employees well-being, Boudjebel has digitized a good number of its programs and mechanisms (webinars, cyclical meetings, conferences, etc.), ensuring everyone’s safety.