Liquid sugar LYNA

Liquid sugar LYNA

How to use it ?

Liquid sugar LYNA aqueous extract of sweet dates is used as an ingredient in many food preparations. We use it in dairy products, ice cream and sorbets, fruit products, diet products, drinks and pastries.

How liquid sugar LYNA is produced ?

The sugar syrup obtained from date fruit juice is purified and concentrated while keeping the natural character of the original fruit. Positioned as a Clean Label, the use of natural liquid sugar as an ingredient offers many advantages. It replace a complex sugar list (sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, dextrose, etc.) by the single note “sugars extracted from fruits”, on the final product. In addition, it meets the baby food regulations.

The liquid date sugar is colorless, odorless and have a sweet taste. The product range offered by Boudjebel contains different sugar compositions. It is possible to adjust parameters, meeting organoleptic and / or nutritional objectives regarding the required specifications, among which are the glycemic index, the fructose/glucose ratio, and sweet intensity. In addition, it represents a suitable alternative for grapes and apples liquid sugar.

The sweetness intensity – the ability of a substance to generate a sweet perception – is a complex notion and its use must be put into perspective. Each solution has its own sensory sweetener profile, characterized by several factors such as taste, intensity and persistence (persistence in the mouth). All of these factors influence sweet perception. When formulating a recipe, other factors influence the sweetness intensity of the particular finished product ; the dilution rate, the acidity of the finished product, the consumption temperature and the other components of the recipe.

Liquid sugar LYNA benefits?

Date sugar is a natural product that also has health benefits, such as regulating blood sugar and insulin secretion, reducing fat storage, contributing to weight loss. Thus, it is ideal for people with hypoglycemia, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.