Date Paste


Since the start of its production, date paste is as old as the date palm itself. Soft dates are selected, often times pitted by hand then simply crushed; this is how we obtain the marvelous flavors of date paste. furthermore, dates are not only full of vitamins but also rich in dietary fiber which provides the body with protective and regulatory properties.

Thanks to their capability of protecting our cells, antioxidants are plentiful in a way that makes them perfect for our bodies. The carbohydrates found in date paste fuel you with energy. Additionally, Date paste comprises both vitamins C and D; which are beneficial for the skin. These vitamins help better skin regeneration and enhance plasticity. Thanks to its iron content, date paste helps fight anemia and fatigue.

Last but not least, magnesium, mineral salts, and manganese are present in date paste. They are excellent for strengthening bone health and preventing depression. Additionally, date paste is an alternative to sugar for your preferred recipes given that it is an excellent sweetener. By incorporating it into a recipe, it is the final touch of flavor to give you that special taste.

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