Have you ever heard about mashed dates? originally made of Deglet Nour.

In fact, this puree is obtained from our famous dates’ pulp after being mashed and sifted from the dates pureé in the final stage. Thanks to these wonders and saturated sun, puree dates will be naturally sweet and tasty. The natural sweeteness of date puree is the greatest associate if you want to get rid of refined sugar from your diet.

For healthy people, date puree will be the right choice since it is rich in many micro-nutrients that outweigh the high concentration of fructose, making it an ideal component for your diet. Notably that the date paste is loaded with vitamins A, B1, B2, potassium, and magnesium.

However, because of its neutral flavor, the date pureé has a binding and smooth texture, Date purée is therefore comparatively important for preparing pastries. Add to that, Dates pureé is a concentrate of good elements for your body. Date puree can also be consumed by athletes, as a healthy energy food. Filled with carbohydrates, it provides them with a dose of energy at snack time or breakfast. But even if they are healthier than preparations based on refined sugar, the treats that result are obviously to consume reasonably.