Huile de Noyaux

Kernel Oil

Date seed oil is derived from the cold pressure of date seeds, which gives rise to a yellow oil with multiple virtues. It takes 2 to 3 tonnes of pits to extract 1 liter of kernel oil.

One of the features of date kernel oil is its fabulous dry, silky feel.

It is highly appreciated thanks to the composition of care and massage oils. The oil of date seeds brings a nourishing, hydrating and softening action, without greasing the skin. Its revitalizing properties are prized among other things in the preparation of care, for dry skin than the mixed.

Also, thanks to its vitamin E content, the oil extracted from date pits would operate miraculously on the body. Moreover, the oil from date pits helps prevent certain cancers. Its concentration of active ingredients such as omega 6 and 9 but also vitamins E and A are the reasons behind this because they make it an excellent oil to nourish and regenerate the skin while protecting it.

Amazingly effective for revitalizing and stimulating hair regrowth. A drop of date kernel oil in your shampoo helps stop hair loss, fight against drying out and repair split ends. Date seed oil is way beneficial than you think. A drop in your mascara will allow you ladies to have a doe look, as well as for the eyebrows. Not to forget the features of this oil, which according to specialists contains 20 times more vitamin E than argan oil or even prickly pear seed oil.