Date paste is a traditional symbol of fertility and prosperity in the Saharan and Pre-Saharan areas. Nowadays in the agriculture sector, particularly in Tunisia, a fortune is made out of the produced date palm.

Date exports have set a new record that has been rising steadily over the past decade, According to the figures released last summer by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Exporting to more than 80 countries, Tunisia is the pioneer globally in terms of commercial transactions of dates and date paste with a market share of around 20%. This sector of national agriculture ranks second in terms of agricultural exports.

Tunisian date paste is exclusively a food rich in dietary fiber, with protective and regulating properties for our body. Antioxidants are abundant and perfect for our body thanks to their ability to preserve our cells and not to forget the carbohydrates that allow you to fill up with energy.

Therefore, Tunisian date paste comprises all these benefits thanks to the quality of the earth, the sun, and our human resources workforce, with superpower and more: it is an alternative to sugar in your preferred recipes. The Tunisian date pastes will prove to be your best friend to substitute traditional sugar and find another source of pleasure and welfare.

Tunisian date paste is used in several desserts, such as; Shortbreads, Japanese pearls, muffins, rolls, mellows, makrouts, maamouls, pies, and even galette des roi. Recipes based on date paste will not lack inventiveness to replace sugar and meet your expectations with the most desirable flavors.