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According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Hydraulic Resources and Fishing. The Deglet Noor Supplier Tunisia harvest will surpass all previous records, with a better-quality production.

Deglet Noor Supplier, main symbol of Tunisia, has been cultivated for 5,000 years. There are male and female palms, but it is difficult to distinguish between them before flowering.

At first glance, it is the spathes, brown husks that appear under the palms, that characterize the genus of the palm.

At first glance, it is the spathes, brown envelopes that appear under the palms, which characterize the genus of the palm, and they are rather long and thin in females and swollen in males. A male can manage to pollinize about fifty females. With the help of a palm branch, a male palm leaf is hung in the center of a female’s diet. A kind of white powder comes out of the male branch which, dispersed by the wind, fertilizes Deglet Noor palms.

Thenceforth, the palm grove consists of a predominantly female territory; each palm can produce 10 to 20 bunches and up to 100 kg of Deglet Noor dates each year provided it is well irrigated. In order to increase the production of Deglet Noor dates, sowing should naturally be avoided since each core may produce a new variety other than Deglet Noor.

Young palm groves are designed from a kind of cuttings by removing suckers that grow at the base of a young female plant selected from the desired variety. A fresh and noble product, Deglet Noor Supplier does not undergo any drying process.

After fertilization, the future Deglet Noor is still a young fruit with a green colour and a round shape. It is during the summer that the Deglet Noor Supplier ripens. Hence the famous expression “head in the sun and feet in the water”. However, although it is smooth, yellow and strong in its nutritional properties. Deglet Noor Supplier remains very rough to the taste. Therefore, a person, commonly known as “Gayel” will be in charge of monitoring the ripening of Deglet Noor dates.

Thereafter, it is from October that the harvest of Deglet Noor Supplier begins and continues until December. Indeed, it will take the summer sun and very often the autumn sun for Deglet Noor date to ripen. Deglet Noor date then softens, becomes blond and its flavour becomes exceptional like a divine nectar.

Deglet Noor Supplier is eaten mostly during the month of Ramadan, the prophetic Muslim tradition retaining this food during the ritual of breaking the fast, the end of year celebrations, Christmas and family ceremonies.

Deglet Noor Supplier Tunisia Ingredients


Crystal Sugar

Made from the crystallization of liquid date sugar, crystal sugar is an ideal alternative to regular sugar. Approximately 1.7 times sweeter than regular sugar, crystal sugar derived from dates is the healthier option. Date crystal sugar has a very low glycemic index which makes its use perfect for people who suffer from diabetes. Obtained only from dates, it is a 100% natural product. Crystal sugar derived from dates is soluble in water with a pleasant sweet taste that alters more than just the flavor of your coffees and teas.

Kernel Oil

Obtained by cold pressing; Deglet Nour kernel oil is a yellowish-green liquid with a pleasant odor.This oil is a natural antioxidant rich in oleic and lauric acid with a high content of phenolic compounds.


Chopped dates are obtained by processing and macerating dates. The dates are then cut into 5 to 8 mm or 8 to 10 mm pieces and covered with rice flour. Chopped dates are used in many recipes for redesigned salads, ice creams, nutrition bars, toppings or cakes.

Date Powder

Date powder is a perfect substitute for refined sugar. An alternative that provides a sweet taste derived from dates for recipes for confectionery, pastries, baked goods, and cereal- based products.

Date Syrup

Date syrup is a brown, sweet, water soluble syrup derived 100% from dates. It can be used in application to drinks, jams, fruit preparations, jellies, dairy products, and ice creams.

Date Puree

Brown in color, rich in dietary fiber, date puree is mainly consumed as a finished product or used in processed fruit juices, smoothies, compotes and jams.


Praised for bringing a wonderful sensation to eating and combining a unique sweet taste with a gummy texture. Diced dates blend well in recipes for cakes, muffins, as well as protein bars.

Date Paste

Macerated dates that could be consumed as a finished product as well as an ingredient in recipes for cookies, cakes, biscuits and much more.

Liquid Sugar

A Solution with strong sweetening power and a low glycemic index. An alternative to refined sugar with a neutral taste, and a transparent color.


Dates are treated, pitted, and then pressed with almonds.


Date sprinkles are crunchy 2-4mm pieces obtained through a unique process which presents a unique crispness, texture, and flavor to dates.


Date granules are obtained after grinding and sieving the dried pitted dates.

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