A date is a nutritional component that has become essential to our health. It is advisable to consume on a daily basis at breakfast. There are several derivatives of dates like Diced Paste or Cubes paste, Diced Dates, date sugar, date syrup, date seed oil and date powder.

The difference between these derivatives, is in the level of taste, the preparation technique, a slight difference in the vitamin and fiber compositions and the way of cooking. The Diced paste dates obtained, thanks to the treatment and the maceration of the dates, is then cut into pieces of 5 to 8 mm or 8 to 10 mm, and covered with rice flour.

Diced paste dates have been consumed for millennia in many foods around the world. Today, Diced Paste is used in the food industry as a filling for pastries and cookies and as a substitute for sugar in cereals, puddings, ice cream, bakery products, energy bars and confectionery.

The Diced pasta also adds flavor and sweetness to dressings, marinades, glazes and smoothies. The Diced paste is perfect for decorating mueslis. This organic date paste is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, potassium and magnesium. It can also be used by athletes, as an energetic healthy meal.

Diced paste keeps very well for several days in an airtight box and placed in the refrigerator … A delight of flavors and taste!