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Deglet Nour
Common Dates
Dates for industrial use
Organic / Fairtrade Dates
Dates of the World
  • Deglet Nour

    The date is the fruit of the date palm (Phoenix Dactylifera), a tree of the desert regions. In Tunisia, two southern regions are known as being the home spot of the date palm: Tozeur and Kébili.

  • Common Dates

    The Tunisian palm grove has a total of over 300 date cultivators. They all carry the generic name of ?common dates?. But only 6 of them are of economic interest.

  • Dates for industrial use

    VACPA offers to their customers a range of products for the food industry. Dates are a perfect substitute of sugar.

  • Organic / Fairtrade Dates

    For a couple of years now, Boudjebel SA VACPA (in partnership with a group of producers) practices organic agriculture on a selection of the best Deglet Nour palm groves.

  • Dates of the World

    Boudjebel SA VACPA has developed an international network of partners able to provide dates of different origins.

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